The greatest curriculum is transparency!

Are you ready to leave a legacy and take your school to the next level?

William equips Students , Student Athletes, and Leaders with tools to resolve internal and external conflict; increasing productivity and decreasing burnout to maximize student engagement, post graduation opportunities, and performance.

Williams speaking engagements connect with students in a high-energy and thought provoking format. Students will learn how to maximize their time and actively be more engaged and involved in the classroom or even campus, increase their odds of graduating, and most importantly build the right experiences while in school to achieve their post-undergraduate goals.

The idea behind the program is to create information that students need to succeed in school and life.

We primarily do this through keynotes, workshops, student assemblies. We create programs that truly impact students and help them learn how to do what most people won’t so, they can have what most people don’t and leave a legacy.

We also conduct professional development training for professionals who work with youth and students. We teach them how to reach students, leaders and how to not burn out in the process.

Our programs are interactive, and extremely thought provoking and mainly adults who witness these events often tell us that this is the information that they wish they would have learned earlier in life.

Let’s leave a legacy!

Topics For students

  • Social Emotional Learning

  • Leave a legacy or be forgotten

  • Ingredients to a successful Student

  • Mastering internal conflict

Topics For Athletes

  • Hard work beats talent

  • Life beyond sports

  • Ingredients to a successful Athlete

  • The goat mindset

Topics For leaders

  • Ingredients to a successful leader

  • Creating culture excellence

  • Effective communication through team building

  • Leaving your legacy

Below are just a few of the many topics that William touches on when he does his empowerment speaking to the students at your school.

 Character development:

It’s important that your students know that they have purpose. Many students today are plagued with depression and a lack of purpose. William’s message is one that will assure them that they are destined for greatness.


William’s presentation is a great way to affirm your teachers, while helping your students understand the importance of the educators who sacrifice for them daily.


One third of students today experience bullying. William tactfully addresses this issue for both the victim and accused to build a culture where bullying can’t thrive!


William has a POWERFUL way of empowering students to WANT to finish school. His message is one that will reinforce the value of education.


Many students come to school and suffer silently. Williams counseling experience with countless students across America allows him to connect with them in a real and relevant way. William’s presentation reassures their worth and value in life.

Overcoming Roadblocks:

Students find themselves in trouble, because of poor decisions. William is great for reinforcing the importance of good decision making and making sure students get to the next level.

Leadership development:

With a compelling testimony, William knows what it takes to bounce back in life! His presentation will give your students the needed tools to achieve and sustain the success they were born to have and walk in their purpose.


Below are some of the topics that William touches on when he does his Professional Development Sessions with your Teachers. Williams Empowerment Speech is one that will challenge, empower and uplift your Teachers, and Staff!

Fighting Burnout & Boosting Morale:

William has proven strategies to help build the overall morale with your staff.

Building Allies in the Classroom:

Often times the most troubled students have the most potential. William will show you how to build relationships that will have them assisting you in the classroom.

Equity Training:

During these sessions, William provides tools to use that will assist you in connecting with diverse classrooms.

Staff Empowerment Session:

You can be assured that Williams empowerment session will leave you and your staff pumped up, and ready for the challenges the classroom brings and also enhance your personal life.

Bridging the gap with At-Risk students:

William has a heart for at-risk students, and he knows what it takes to get them back to focusing academically that results in success in the classroom.

Are you ready for empowerment 

William has experienced many challenges such as coming from a broken home and being raised by a single mother, losing a football scholarship, drug and alcohol abuse and constant failure in school. He was able to transition from that to now being a Powerful Speaker who inspires and instructs students, teachers, and leaders on how to take their lives to the next level! William is a walking testimony and proof that you can do anything if you put your mind to it!

William has over 5 years of experience in public speaking, training, mentoring and coaching, William is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers for inspiring and activating students and educators in America. His own life experiences have prepared him and have made him an expert in his field. His transparency, honesty and heart-felt desire to inspire people to achieve greatness is what sets William apart.

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