Welcome 2 the Jungle

Welcome 2 the Jungle (W2J) Training is a mind-blowing program that leverages the attributes of four distinct animals to give business leaders the tools they need to ramp up productivity, improve team culture, improve communication substantially increase earning potential in.


W2J teaches communication principles that create high-performing teams. The program runs on passion and consistency, and links productivity to business strategy. W2J helps businesses understand the psychology of why people are productive (or not) and how to leverage that information to transform performance.


Four animals run “the jungle,” in W2J: a lion, flamingo, chameleon, and a turtle. Each of them does things differently. What if you knew how each one operates, communicates, and works? What if you knew that someone’s over-bearing personality could be used as a strength? Or the fact that your indecisiveness means you’re adaptable?

What’s Included

  • 4 Animals Assessment for You $59 Value
  • An on-demand follow-up 30-min. video consultation $297 Value
  • Customized 22-pg. eBook based on YOUR ANIMAL $47 Value
  • 4 Ways Others See You (without even asking them) PRICELESS
  • 5+ Ways to Be More Effective (Customized to You) PRICELESS
  • 7+ Personalized Insights to help YOU be more dynamic!
  • 8+ Ways to Create the Ideal Work Environment for Yourself
  • 10 Expert Communication Strategies to embrace or avoid!

Take your legacy to the next level

when you make the investment, you will get access to the following bonuses:

What’s you’ll discover in this Ebook: 📚😏

  • All the apps you need to create explosive
  • growth in your speaking business
  • How to find the right decision makers
  • How to be bulletproof during covid-19 as a speaker
  • Email strategy system
  • How to get re-booked
  • How to get leads and separate yourself from others
  • The land of the engagements where all the honey 🍯 at in speaking

9-5 speaker training master class

  • How to identify a lane
  • How to use your 9-5 to fund your vision
  • How to build your brand on a shoe string budget
  • How to craft a keynote
  • How to balance work and speaking